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Roof Rack City Canberra being a part of Pride Auto Group is Canberra's No.1 Towbar Fitting Specialists and Authorised Hayman Reese Stockists

We have been Supplying and Fitting Towbars in the Canberra and Queanbeyan region for over 50 Years. We are Canberra's Towbar Experts, and our staff are ready to help you with your Towbar needs.

Here at Pride Auto Group, we have Fully Qualified Auto Electricians and Fully Equipped Workshops, which is a must for fitting Towbars and other Accessories to todays modern vehicles. As we are a Hayman Reese Towbar Stockist, we have access to the Lastest Information and Training for Fitment of Towbars to your vehicle.

Tow Bars Canberra

We Supply and Fit Towbars for All Types of Vehicles and we also have a number of Towbar Types Available; Hitch Receiver Towbars, Tongue Style Towbars, Heavy Duty Towbars and Rear Protection Towbars.

We offer Quality Towbar Products and Fitment with Competitive Prices.


  • Towbar Supply and Towbar Installations

  • Smart Wiring Systems Installations

  • Electric Brake Control Units Supply and Installations

  • Towbar Accessories

  • Trailer and Towbar Troubleshooting


Towbars can be used for a Number of Purposes Other Than Just Towing. For example, Towbars can be used for Pulling Trailers, Carrying Bike Racks and Protecting the Rear of the Vehicle. When Choosing a Towbar you should have an idea of what you will be requiring of it and get a Towbar Sufficiently Rated to cover these possibilities. When considering a Towbar, you should also be aware of both the Trailer Weight and the Ball Weight. That is, How Much Weight does the Towbar have to Pull Along the Ground and How Much Load will be Exerted Downwards on to the Tow Ball and Tow Bar.


Bike Racks: Many people fit Towbars to Enable them to Carry Bike Racks and there is a Common Misconception that this is an Easy Job for a Towbar. However, you should bear in mind that in this Towbar Application the Entire Weight is being Carried by the Towbar; whereas a Trailer Distributes most of its Weight Through its Wheels. Also the More Bikes you add onto the Towbar, the further this Weight is acting from the Towbar Mounting Bolts and the Greater the Leverage of this Load. Therefore Carrying Bikes is a Significant Job for a Towbar and an Expert Evaluation is needed when deciding on the Number of Bikes to be Carried and the Rating of the Towbar chosen.


Trailers: Towbars are also frequently Used to Tow TrailersTowing with a Towbar but Without a Hayman Reese Weight Distribution System can cause unnerving Trailer Sway, Reduced Steering and Braking Responsiveness, Less Traction and Misaligned Head Lamps. Overtime, using the Towbar in this way, you may also notice a Reduction in Fuel Economy and in Increased Tyre Wear. When using a Weight Distribution System, the Ball Weight of the Towbar remains the same, however the Load is Evenly Distributed through the Vehicle's Chassis to all Four Wheels. It is Important that the Capacity of the Weight Distribution System is Correctly Chosen and that the Vehicle Manufacturer's Recommendations are always Followed.



The Standard Tongue Towbar is a Towbar often Rated to Tow 1600kg. This Style of Towbar is Well Engineered, and is a Light Duty Towbar, meaning it is a good solution for light towing. The Standard Towbar has been Designed for the utmost Reliability. Unlike the removable TBMs found on other models of Hayman Reese Towbars, the Standard Towbars have a Tongue Attached to the Towbar by Two Bolts.



This type of Hayman Reese Towbar is a Towbar that has a Removable TBM like the Hitch Receiver Towbar, however, this Towbar has a 40mm by 40mm Hitch Box and therefore is Designed for Lighter Duty Towbar Applications. The 40mm Hitch Receiver Towbar also has a Removable Trailer Ball Mount (TBM). There are Different Length TBMs available for the Hitch Receiver Towbar.



Hayman Reese's Hitch Receiver Towbar has a 50mm by 50mm Hitch Box and is the Heavy Duty Towbar Towing Option. The Hitch Receivers Towbars are often Rated to the Vehicles Maximum Towing Capacity and so these Towbars are best suited for Heavy Duty Applications such as Towing Caravans, Large Trailers, Boats or Horse Size Floats. The Hitch Receiver Towbar also has a Removable Trailer Ball Mount (TBM). There are Different Length TBM's available for this Hitch Receiver Towbar.



The HLP Towbar is a Lamp and Body Protector combined with the famous Heavy Duty Hitch Receiver Towbar. This Towbar is designed to Provide Rear Body and Lamp Protection for those Commercial Vehicles that need a Towbar that can Tow Heavy Trailers.  The TBM can be Removed when not being used. For more information, please visit


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